‘We are blessed wit many kite spots in the region,

the main spot is in front of our hotel where you will find flat to choppy conditions depending on the swell and power of the waves. When we have swell there are nice lefts for wave kiting. For beginners Its not a problem if there are waves we just go behind them where you will always find flat between the set waves. There are several other spots near by where you can wave kite or find other flat spots. The rule goes round here if there is no wind or it’s a little weak in Mancora, jump in the 4×4 and head south even the next town 15 minutes away can have as much as few knots more! Head to Cabo or another spot which is more exposed to the south winds and you have about a 99.9% chance you will find wind which is only about and hour.

The air temp is warm around 28 – 32 degrees; the water is around 20+. Most people kite with a 2mm shorty, but it can be an idea to have a 3 2 mm long suit if its very windy, also the waters can be colder further south so if you are keen to do some of our kite trips bring a spring log suit a 3 2 is enough.

The wind is between 15 – 30 knots. The typical kite size is between 7 – 12. The further south you go the more wind with Lobitos having the strongest winds and most powerful waves, we run day trips to those locations.

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