Kite Club Mancora offers kitesurf lessons, Kite rentals, Kite storage and Kite trips all around the North Shore region.

Try kitesurfing if you want to know the feeling of freedom as you glide along the water with the power of the wind. Kitesurfing is one of the most amazing sensations and the limits are endless. Mancora is one of the most amazing locations to kitesurf, the landscapes are stunning and there is so much wildlife, at the right time of year you can be kiting with migrating whales.
Come and experience the thrill of kitesurfing with Kite Club Mancora


What To Expect

  • Professional & Fully qualified international team of instructors
  • We speak English, Spanish & French
  • The most recent kitesurf equipment from LiquidForce
  • Daily lessons from when the wind blows till it stops, or its too dark to kite any more!
  • We teach you in a fun and safe manner


Whatever your level Beginner and all the way to advanced we can provide the lessons to suit your needs.

We aim to make our kitesurf lessons as fun as possible, in the safest way possible. Whether you are a beginner learning to body drag, or an advanced kitesurfer improving your skills or learning to wave kitesurf, all the members of our international full certified team are dedicated to getting you to reach your goals on on the water.


We also offer kite rental and storage; we have a few rules in order that you can rent equipment from us. So as long as you are a proficient kite surfer then rental is not a problem. You must be able to:

  • Ride consistently upwind
  • Upwind body drag to your board
  • Know how to safe launch, landing procedures
  • Know kiting rules and procedures, how to avoid collisions with other kiter’s and what to do if you have an incident.
  • Know how to take care of yourself on the water and how to perform a successful self rescue.

Kite Courses

We offer several type of kite courses ranging from complete beginner courses all the way to advanced coaching for freestyle or wave riding. Here you will find what we have on offer for you.

  • An experienced and qualified instructor
  • The latest technology in head set tuition
  • The most recent equipment from Liquid Force

The Courses are split into 2 categories

Private Class are a ‘1 on 1 class’ which is the best way to learn, every body learns at different rates. This way the instructor can be focused 100% on you. Group Classes are for 2 Students and 1 teacher, this type of class works well if you both learn at the same rate. The classes a cheaper per person than a private class

Custom kite lessons
Would you like a taster lesson or perhaps you would like to brush up on your skills like jumping or wave riding? We offer customized courses paid by the hour

We also offer kite rental and storage;

Equipment rental price including kite, bar, harness, board, wetsuit and helmet. All of our equipment is the most recent gear from Liquid Force


Custom Lesson prices by the hour

Time1 on 1Group 2 PaxGroup 2 Pax
1 Hour594540
3 Hour179145125

We offer the perfect Kitesurf holiday package for the experienced kitesurfer who wants to get the most out of kitesurfing around the north shore. We will take you to 5 of the best kite spots in the area, ideally you will be a wave kitesurfer and have experience in waves up to 2 meters (depending on swell). Most of the spots are point breaks, there are also areas out that back that are more choppy with less waves some times it can be flat in between the sets, depending on which spot such as Cabo or Tres Creus

Beginner Kite Course ‘Basic’ 3 Day / 6 Hours of Tuition

You will learn :

  • Wind Theory & Kite Control
  • Body drag & in-water self confidence
  • Water starts & Self rescue
Course Type1 on 1Group 2 PaxGroup 2 Pax
Basic 3 Days300240210
Complete 5 Days500400350

* 2 Pax = 2 students, 1 Instructor & 1 Kite 3 Pax = 3 Students, 1 instructor & 1 Kite

Beginner Kite Course ‘Complete’ 5 day / 10 Hours of tuition

Included in this package:

  • Wind Theory & Kite Control
  • Body drag & in-water self confidence
  • Water starts & Self rescue
  • Riding the board and changing direction without stopping
  • 1st progression Jumps

Our Best Deals

Get the most out of your Trip with a One Week Package

Enjoy a full week package with us in Mancora, it does not matter if you are a beginner or a kite pro Kite Club Mancora has Attractive Packages to suit your needs.