Peru is truly a magical destination located on the west coast of south America nestled between Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia & Chile.

The country is vast from the tropical rain forest of the far north down the spine of the Andes mountains with over 30 peaks over 6000 meters, right down to arid deserts and the 2500 km’s of pristine coast line.

Not to mention the amazing geography the country has a rich history Spanning 4 Melina! Peru was home to one of the oldest know empires the Incas, to this date there are still Inca ruins such as one of the wonders of the modern world Machu Pichu.

The people like its country are extremely warm and friendly, there culture is truly fascinating from there clothing to the many festivals that are held all of the country.

The food is world recognized and has won several prestige’s awards. The food has become an infusion of Incan, Asian and European influences which has created truly a unique and delicious menu.

Mancora is located on the far north east point of Peru about 100km south of Ecuador. The area has stunning beach’s and a back drop of rolling mountains. The area is blessed with year round sun and perfect kite and surf breaks. No trip to Peru is complete with out a visit to the north Shore where you will find truly unique landscapes.

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